" THALASSEMIA N ME: World Thalassaemia Day and Blood Donation Drive 2017

Thursday, April 27, 2017

World Thalassaemia Day and Blood Donation Drive 2017

Every Drop of your BLOOD Will Create an Ocean of Happiness to these who need it like us Thalassemia Major Patients.

  • Thalassemia Poster Exhibition

  • Thalassemia screening for first 100 participants only *  

For blood donation, please bring along your NRIC or Work Permit / EP for non-Singaporeans or Donor Card.

For more details, visit www.hsa.gov.sg/donor_criteria and www.hsa.gov.sg/travel_deferral.

* Terms and conditions apply. For more details, please call 6394-1863

Date : 9 May 2017 (Tuesday)

Time : 10.00am to 4.00pm

Venue : KKH Auditorium Foyer, Training Centre, Women's Tower,  Level 1

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