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Monday, August 9, 2010

Key FerriScan Features

Key FerriScan Features:

  • FerriScan provides an accurte, MRI-based measurement of liver iron concentration

  • The FerriScan service can be easily established on most 11.5 Tesla scanners

  • There is no requirement fo customers to purchase new software or hardware

  • FerriScan takes 10 minutes to complete, is non-invasive and requires no contrast agents.

  • No establishment fees - costs are incurred per scan only

  • FerriScan has higher sensitivity and specificity for measuring LIC than any other MRI-based method

  • FerriScan results are unaffected by inflammation, fibrosis or cirrhosis

  • FerriScan has international regulatory approvals (USA, Canada, Europe, Australasia)

  • The assurance of ISO 9001 certification of analysis procedures

  • The FerriScan centralised analysis facility provides security of data and 48-hour results turnaround

  • Results are reliable and reproducible over time and between MRI centres and models of scanner

So the above are some key features of using FerriScan, hopefully enjoy this post I wish to share with everyone

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